Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Design 1816 - Chelsea 46' Motoryacht

I happened to stumble upon this design the other day and it's one I had never seen before.  This 46' wooden raised pilothouse motoryacht was designed in 1964 for Packanack Marine Corporation of Newark, New Jersey.  Perhaps the company was named after the lake in New Jersey which bears the same name.

This little piece from Yachting magazine of 1966 shows a Chelsea Yacht and attributes it to Sparkman & Stephens but on closer inspection it does not look like the same design as shown here and I can see from the files that the 46' was the only boat designed for Packanack.

Here is the general arrangement and inboard profile.

LOA 46'-4"
LWL 42'-11"
Beam 14'-8'
Draft 3'-6"


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